Posted on: January 22, 2009 9:06 pm

The Crisis on the CBB

Well, this isn't exactly ideal for a first post in a blog, but I have just a few words for three groups.

CBS Admins: Read gezemice's blog post. The girl knows what she's talking about. Note that I am not trying to imply with this instruction that you should change your entire setup and do it now, I just want you to take into account the solutions she is proposing. A profanity filter wouldn't be too hard to implement, and personal ignore lists would be extremely helpful. I'm sorry if you can't implement these features, and I would understand if you could't implement them for a while, but please, if you have time to post a message on a thread with trolling on it, you have enough time to remove the posts and/or ban the authors. Thank you. And Golf Guy, if by some miracle you wind up reading this, I would genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

Trolls: Sorry for immediately coming out and calling you a de-humanizing name, but for lack of a better word, that's how I will refer to you.

First off, this is a website about sports. All kinds of sports. Sports that you might not find interesting. Sports that have African-Americans playing in them. That's the nature of the site. If you don't like sports, don't post on the message boards.

Secondly, if you do like sports (specifically College Basketball), know that there are some posters on here that are homers, and also that the regulars like to mock-ridicule each other. If JDubs (Can I call you JDubs?) makes a board talking about how he played D-3 ball, first off understand that playing D-3 ball isn't too much of an accomplishment. Second off, understand that if he was lying, he was just trying to get some laughs out of it, and if he wasn't, well, it's probably the same thing. I don't think either of those things calls for ridiculing him and then later cyberstalking him and finding an account in his name on a singles website. But that's what PsychoT4Prez did, and YupItsMe123 and Da Gremlin supported his act. That is unacceptable. What's also unacceptable is talking negatively about someone you don't know and using profane language to do so. That's what Da Gremlin was doing to gezemice, and he was aided by one or two other posters. We're trying to talk about something we enjoy following while having fun with other members. If you want to get involved in our discussion, by all means, talk about how awesome North Carolina is. We're all homers on the inside, anyway. Thanks for listening, and if you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them in the comments.

CBB Regulars: Three things: Don't leave, don't respond to trolls, and leave the admins alone.

By leaving, you are delighting the trolls even more. It doesn't help anyone if you post a thread about how you're leaving and you hope that all the others can carry on without you and so on. It's really disappointing to me that people are leaving since most of the people who have said they are leaving were actually really awesome posters. I do hope all the people who really have left will come back when the admins get the situation under control, but for those who remain, don't follow in their footsteps.

If you try to call out the trolls, or if you try to refute their insults, they'l just come back stronger, and if you step a toe out of line, they'll warn you and then CBS will deny your challenge since you actually did violate the Terms of Service, and I don't need any of the regulars dropping off like vol u me did.

The admins are trying their hardest to do their jobs, but they have lives and jobs, too. They'll ban the trolls and remove the profanity when they do. There are a ton of boards here, and all of them need to be moderated just like this one. I'm pretty confident they actually do not support personal attacks and sexual harrassment, they're just too busy to remove it as soon as someone issues a warning to the poster. Thank you, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

I hope all the groups I talked to in this post will listen to my thoughts and take them into account. This isn't what I had in mind for my inaugural post, but for ayone who is interested, this will normally be a blog about what's happening in the Seattle sports world. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, but keep in mind any innappropriate comments will be removed, as they do not contribute to the discussion. Finally, please excuse any typos in the post, my new laptop's keyboard is a bit irritating. Thanks for reading, and have a great Thursday night.

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